I figured I’d get a new mobile (cell) phone

So yeah I was just hobbling from my car to our Library last week and wonder of wonders the cell rang cripes I thought an accident of a family member; I rarely get calls on it and use it for emergency use usually.

Mind you I do make calls on it at times mainly when they are free, so back to the caller; and guess what it was a salesman with my phone access company suggesting I update; it cost extra cash of course but I questioned the bloke about the phone and it seems the numbers on the touchpad were slightly larger than my old one which is the same make shown here the old one is on the right.

Yeah right so I bought it stupid me still it is great for texting when your eyes are not the best.

They both have cameras, voice recorders and all that jazz I have never yet figured why a phone needs a camera oh well, the jazz includes Java script for games ah I get it for folk without the internet on a computer? nope that's not it, ah who cares.

I did get a shock when the courier delivered it a pert young thing with a smile would you sign here please says she and proffers an electronic sort of keypad with a stylus.

Golly I said we are getting modern and I thought I was modern she smiled again; to be blunt I was hooked I signed but I still recollect her face.

Not bad for an old joker I guess.

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