Was the Australian government wrong with the Indian Doctor?

Well I have a sneaking suspicion the Australian Federal Police jumped the gun which means I made a blue with a blog post on it last week.

It seems it all rests on a sim card for use in a mobile or cell phone and why is he in detention why has the case not been heard in a court of law yeah well we all know about courts of law look how young David Hicks was railroaded in Guantanamo he was not allowed to put his case before the American legal system it was all conducted off shore.

Now we have this Doctor from the sub continent and from the entire hullabaloo that is arising from his detention maybe he was just not involved after all.

The law council of Australia certainly thinks so on both cases and thinking more deeply about this maybe this Doctor should be allowed to go back to his own country; I have read and seen that the Indian government is a mite concerned about this and I have to say something seems rotten in the state of Denmark.

A lot of people are very concerned that this Doctor was in custody for two whole weeks without charges being laid whilst the prosecution got its case in order.

All the crap I read about the Brits wanting him extradited so where are these so called British cops. Gone home I bet it seems like a storm in a teacup.

It does not seem legal to me that he should be held in custody while some joker decides whether or not he has a case to answer.

This is the bloke who is or should be responsible for this the Federal Police Commissioner

Michael Joseph Keelty, APM

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