The super dooper fastest information highway in the world.

I read this on the Washington Post with utter amazement a Swedish lady aged 75 has the fastest internet in the world. She may well be a latecomer to the net but she can download a full length movie in less than TWO SECONDS many thousand times faster than most residential internet connections.

I kid you not but the speed is 40 Gigabits per second on her fibre optic connection and not a misprint believed to be the fastest in the world at this time. My name is down already and I am considering a move to Karlstad in Sweden cold weather or not LOL.

The lady in question’s son who lives in California USA did this amazing feat of engineering in conjunction with the head of the Karlstad city network unit. It was done using a new technique sending data between two routers 1, 995.58656 kilometres or 1,240 miles apart

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