Terrorist warnings For Sydney

So according to the BBC residents of Australia’s largest city Sydney are being urged to pack a survival kit in the event of an attack by terrorists; this is I agree quite a good idea however this should apply to all of Australian cities and towns not just Sydney.

Whilst on this subject I think it only fair to say that this kind of thing is exactly what terrorists want; they want to create havoc and terror and this warning whilst a good one is silently sending a message to the Islamic fundamentalists telling them we are worried.

This effort should in my view been done by local authorities in all shires, counties and states in Australia and not globally by the media it might make good reading for an editor but it really is not something we should make headlines about.

These filthy creatures that use terror against anybody are just that filthy creatures; they use young children promising them Paradise whilst they sit back and make even more grandiose plans.

I believe in sending back from whence they came from; any Islamic fundamentalist who was not born in this country they should be deported forthwith.

I would not have minded had our incumbent Prime Minister in conjunction with the treasurer said he would arrange this with the department of immigration if Australian senior citizens gave back the bonus we received in order to make this happen.

Cast your minds back to the grand mufti of Sydney the one who was in the end replaced, he was rude to our women and our whole way of life, he was also a migrant from Egypt so he should go back there.

Whilst I believe in anybody migrating here I don’t agree with those religious zealots living here at all.

This country always was a Christian country sadly it is not anymore; to a degree I can understand this and am tolerant of all religions with one exception Islamic fundamentalists as there is quite a difference between those and ordinary Moslem's.

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