The world’s weird weather has spread

It seems that the unseasonable weather in Australia and no doubt other countries is migrating to of all places the red planet Mars the Martian Rovers from NASA are now into 3 weeks of dust storms and engineers are frantically shutting down systems on the Rovers as they are solar powered and no sun is showing because of the dust storms; is this a sign one wonders whether we should have landed there or not, I guess we will have to wait and see.

The current conditions on Mars is blocking almost a 100 % of the sun prior to this the worst weather was a blocking of 80 % of the sun.

Sadly this could ensure that both rovers could be severely damaged permanently I for one hope this does not happen as it cost a lot of US Dollars to do this experiment and they have been there a good three years now.

Plus it is my considered opinion that the money spent on this project should have been spent bettering the lives of the American people including health care. I realise things like this are done but to me they are not essential. when standards of living for human life are on top so to speak then yes these very expensive experiments could and should be done but until standards are well above the norm then the option is no.


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