My view re the Doctor from Queensland

I reckon personally that this joker should definitely be held on suspicion of the terror attacks at Glasgow Airport Scotland; he may be guilty he may not be guilty BUT in today’s version of terror and attacks things should be done a tad differently

Ok if by chance we were wrong we can always compensate him can we not? Well I would have thought so but at the very least why don’t the British police just apply for extradition; case is then solved for Australia.

I mean they (the Brits) are withering on about it why has this simple thing not been sought? Maybe he is innocent I certainly hope so as I loathe terrorists especially the suicide type so I would hate to see an innocent railroaded but as my father once told me there is no smoke without fire, so come on now do this thing NOW and make the extradition order

Sourced from Sydney Morning Herald

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