Some scenes behind the $100 laptop for developing nations

This scheme proposed five years ago is now ready for the mass production of these amazing learning devices.

In October of this year the first machines should be ready for children in the not so fortunate world that a lot of us live in.

It seems various countries have already purchased these machines but they have not as yet been disclosed.

I can hear rumbles of discontent in some circles but one must agree and admit that children of these not so fortunate countries deserve just what is available to us; it is not their fault they cannot learn with modern methods what our own schoolchildren do. My country makes computers available at school and I know that this is the case in other western countries.

If our own children ignore in the main computers it is in my considered opinion it is their own fault as well as the parents.

These young children of developing nations do not have luxuries like we have and I know that they will take full advantage of them. Ok so they may have a little fun with them so what didn’t we have fun growing up? Well I did and without a computer.

Thanks to the BBC and its reporting it could also be made available to us ordinary folk so I read on here. There is a video explaining just a little of this laptop just below this line. Also there is one on this site but Firefox could not find a plug-in to allow viewers to watch it which rather annoys me to be honest

The chairman of intel by the way described it as a $100 gizmo whilst Bill Gates questioned its design; he would the greedy so and so.

Others may say there are more pressing things needed for these poorer countries and I agree but we all need knowledge and these kids need it very much so and what’s more are prepared to learn I don’t think our children fall into that category and I am not talking America here I am talking all western countries

As professor Negroponte’s said it’s an EDUCATIONAL thing and not just a laptop project it also has a Gigabyte of memory I haven’t got that luxury yet but I will.

It has a name it is called the XO and is built to cope with harsh living conditions and can be powered by solar or human power.

You can read a lot more about it including the harsh testing it has been given on this site the BBC

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