The Howard Regime and it's dirty tricks

I reckon that the Howard government is trying to do a Tampa as it knows dam well its in deep doo doo with the election almost upon us and the polls are rating the opposition a very good chance of taking back the helm of Australia.

It has always been my fervent belief that the Tampa incident swayed the voters into once again voting back to office the Howard government.

So what does he do he had this Indian Doctor arrested by trying to make himself look the epitome of society and using this travesty of justice to try to bolster up his chances of winning back government once again.

Good bloke that’s a bloody hoot he’s worried that’s the problem; and not only was this business considered unjust by most of the Australian people it now turns out according to nine news that our Premier of Queensland Peter Beattie was told to butt out, when at least 200 Queensland Police was used in this shady operation with the Federal Police.

Mr Beattie urged the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to publish the results of an investigation into who leaked incorrect information that Dr Haneef was being investigated for a plot to blow up a Gold Coast skyscraper. What a load of rubbish and it also turns out that the Pommy cops made a huge blue as this so-called SIM card was it seems nowhere near, where the Pommy cops said it was.

The immigration Minister Kevin Andrews needs his butt kicking and fired by his refusal to reinstate Doctor Haneef’s visa

And to think a week ago I went along with all this hoo-hah. I have apologised for that already so I will not rant on about it further.

For all sources read the links below. The BBC is a bit behind the times with some of it but it gives the circumstances of the lies more credence than our news in Australia.

Aussie news


Channel nine news Australia

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