Shocked and Stuuned that's me

It is a strange thing to me but maybe not to Americans who knows; but how is a head of state allowed to veto a bill; those days vanished years ago.

Surely this is not democracy well if it is and it seems it is according to the video of Bush on here something is surely wrong.

Heads of state who do this are in my opinion just Autocrats; I thought that when the United States decided to declare its independence all those years ago one reason was because of this type of thing amongst others naturally.

I just can’t accept this as a Democratic thing to do; in the case of the UK for example the head of state does not interfere in the process of running the country although she may have felt like it at times.

It’s the same here in Australia her representative here is not allowed to become political in any sense of the word really; they could well be members of a political party but are not allowed to bib in and say well I’m not having this I shall veto it; good old George is; why well I shall never know the answer to that one but this bill has to be looked at in the U S Senate surely they can recommend amendments or can knock it on the head.

His argument for threatening to do this act is just plain stupid as most Americans want their troops back on home soil as do we here.

America has much more to lose than us this administration has surely made history; it’s a bad way to bow out of office next year I reckon, his name will be remembered for eons as the worst President the USA has ever had, how awful.

Will he write his memoirs do you think well I would be downright ashamed to if I were him

All my opinions naturally

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