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Aussies spent $90k hosting Dutch Royals After thoroughly reading this I wonder why we have to pay for other folks jaunts here whatever their ties to this country at all. Take our own head of state queen Elizabeth the 2nd she has enough money to travel here after all said and done, and if our ministers take a trip overseas it is scrutinised these days pretty well. And our taxpayer pays then; one wonders who actually pays for Howard’s numerous trips overseas I reckon the good old Aussie taxpayer does we also pay the Queen’s representative the governor General his or her salary. So yeah why is this money being squandered willi nilli in this way? We have many disadvantaged people here why can’t the money be spent on making their lives more comfortable? I am asking this question because of this state trip by the Dutch Monarchy we should and must look into things of this nature much better than we do at the present time. It reminds me of my army days being inspected by a General with a load of hangers on trailing behind him. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Australia's World Cup cricket in the West Indies

Well Captain (Punter) Ponting reckons we should pull it off ok which would make it 3 in a row since 1999 and I certainly hope he’s right however apart from the host nation which stands a good chance on home territory my money is on India not that I want them to take the cup but I think their team is a dam good team.

They have some fine players in their squad.

I read here that Symo should be back after the tragic injury he suffered in the one day series against the Brits so if he and the rest of the squad get it together well yep it could be another Aussie victory.


Sylvester Stallone a Sydney court has heard allegations that he tried to import human growth hormone.

No smoke without fire so it’s said I wonder if the star of the Rocky movies has been a naughty boy Mmm yep I am going to take a stab at this one guilty on all counts but I still don’t understand why to be honest but after looking into it here guess what Human growth hormone has also been linked to anti-ageing therapies.

We all age I guess.

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