Were they or weren’t they? Well they could have been who cares really

The whole business with Iran and Britain’s Sailors/Royal Marines is fast becoming a farce for heavens sake just let them say they were there even if they were not there if it means getting them back into British hands again.

There is absolutely no need for this fuss and ado over a disputed water way in the Persian Gulf.

Of course the Iranians will keep on with this it has happened before and no doubt will happen again; another good reason to bring all coalition troops home.

If they want to have nuclear facilities who cares the USA and the UK have them along with China North Korea and Russia ah and the French we mustn’t forget that they too have a nuclear arsenal.

David Hicks and copping a plea well I understand why I just don’t understand why they are talking sentencing I always thought even if you pled guilty in a law suite you still had a trial.

I am wrong it seems American laws are odd to us but I guess ours are odd to them also.

All I have to say about David is send him home and that picture of him with the Bazooka or Rocket launcher was taken in Kosovo by the way, quite a few miles from Afghanistan

David was just a fall guy in the wrong place at the right time for certain folk. A mere youngster who made a blue that’s all we have all done similar things surely and regretted them.

The business of disallowing him civil representation is a bloody disgrace the judge in question is in my view not a fit one; probably obeying orders from on high who knows.

It took a hell of a lot to get that weed of ours to actually speak to Bush about this case he has refused to do this for years.

Meanwhile David and the rest of the inmates in Cuba are still suffering; from what I have read and from the few scenes I have glimpsed

life in Guantanamo is on a par with GESTAPO and SS type facilities

America should be ashamed of it all Bushes fault naturally

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