Wake up Blair

This is not the days of the Vietnam debacle of which your government took no part in by the way the time for heroics is over, your job pure and simple is to get those 15 Royal/ Marines and Sailors out of there just let them admit to any rubbish that the Iranians come up with so as to secure their release.

Might I then suggest you get out of the area it is not an area belonging to the coalition forces after all is it?

Most of the world wants you to retreat from the Middle East along with the senior coalition partner the good old U S of A; things may then get back on a slightly even keel.

You are destined for the axe I read so for the sake of decency just admit you were in those waters whether you were or weren’t is really immaterial.

So they can come home the stiff British upper lip approach will not work anymore sport the world is awake to you and Bush and our bloke Howard.

Those service people being held is really the fault of the Skipper of HMS Cornwall, he must shoulder the blame; if he was an American this would most likely get him into strife and possibly cost him his command; will this happen in the case of the arrogant Royal Navy? I doubt it the old boys act will come into play;

Just tell them anything to get them back on board the Cornwall.

I was born prior to a war and there has been warring ever since, over 70 years and humankind is still warring over some such thing or other.

One day I fear we will go too far I just hope I am not around at the time

I have even participated in some of these wars; our side lost by the way.

Do our side ever win? NO not really.

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