A worried man

Things are not looking rosy mate it seems you must have seen this coming most of Australia did; it seems we are sick of you, we always were really but you kinda did the usual good things at budget time and what with the preferential voting system and you conveniently changing electoral boundaries you got back in. But I fear the jig is up mate and you certainly looked worried today soon Rudd will be the boss I reckon you have to agree he looks better than Beazley much slimmer too. Yep you are now one shrinking violet as the Brit’s say. I shudder to think of the cost to the American taxpayer in lives and money but it must be a hell of a lot, I know that American lives were horrendous and it won’t let up until there is a strategic withdrawal in Iraq, money wise it must be staggering. I did read on here that the cost for Australian taxpayers is nearing the 3 Billion dollar mark which for us in our not so well populated country is staggering. I just read the Americans have so far dipped into their wallets and purses to the tune of a staggering Australian $938 Billion ($750 Billion in US dollars. Well that amount is to me simply beyond comprehension So now you have been at the helm now for 11 long years BUT an election is due later on this year still think of all the perks and allowances you will receive as an ordinary citizen; you will be ok mate whilst many of us here are on the breadline. Mr. Kevin Rudd has mooted a strategic withdrawal I note; I think it has been the same in the USA; I notice that the Brits have also had enough. Had you ever thought that your own country comes first? Well possibly you did; I realise that there are certain treaties and charters we have to honour, at the same time this Iraqi campaign should have been left to the weak auspices of the United Nations their charter needs an update see Microsoft, as they are a weak mob in my opinion. With hindsight I guess you feel the same way but the fact of the matter is you just rushed in wildly with your good old buddy George, yes I know your reasons you wanted free trade agreements with the USA which did not eventuate although I think they have now but at what cost good grief man we are not stupid we may be laid back to a certain degree I admit but we are not stupid. As I recall this happened in Vietnam and thank goodness a Labor government was elected and brought our token force back. Its gonna happen again mate indeed the ball is already in motion, rumblings are afoot as you know doubt know by the opinion polls with Kevin opening up a 22 point lead. Look at this second dumping of government ministers within in 2 weeks that rat Santoro denied it in the beginning would not go etc, I am only ashamed he comes from Queensland.

The world will not be your oyster for much longer I reckon

No wonder you look a tad worried here I guess I would if I were you, and no more taxpayer funded trips around the globe your last one was kept secret I noticed.

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