E-MAIL SPAM and a General Whinge

Only Using One E-mail Account

It's very important that you familiarise yourself with more than one e-mail program. You can't think of your e-mail address like your home address. You need to have more than one! In all actuality, it's best to have even up to three open e-mail accounts I have 6 or 7 personally. That way, you can have one for your home e-mails, one for your office e-mails and an extra one for all the other things you do online. For example, always use one of your other accounts to sign up for newsletters, contests, etc. It's also best to have maybe one paid e-mail account and the other two can be one of the free ones that are available today, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or Gmail. With more than one account, you are saving yourself in the long run. However be careful even then now I myself am being plagued by spam at the moment from my gmail address as you can see here in this screenshot just click on it to see it bigger.

Now believe it or not I kept getting spam in my gmail box that was not always designated spam even though it came from the same source which indeed created a problem for me, what the crafty spammer had done was to disguise it so it looked like it was from a blog I had; I had no such blog of course but it did look convincing in the beginning. So the ones gmail designated as ordinary mail came into my e-mail client on my computer it turned out to be very frustrating as most of them were still marked spam so did not come into my e-mail client with pop access BUT some did.

I put a filter on it in gmail but I guess seeing as it was from me gmail decided to send the odd one through why I sure don’t know.

In the end I thought ah so I got rid of one of my provider’s addresses.

This worked for a few days and then you know what they started coming into the gmail account again I stopped pop access and there were thousands of them I deleted a lot and still left a few now it is back up to 621 again. Really mad now I got a new gmail address but it seems I still need the other one to log in for blogspot. So far touch wood no spam in the new address, I re-installed pop access. I then decided to look at my Yahoo accounts, there was a little spam not much and now hardly any in fact I just looked as I get that into my e-mail client also and there was none in both accounts. I rarely get any from my MSN/Hotmail address either and I get that into my e-mail client also so in my case it is in the main Google mail. I discussed this with a friend and fellow blogger she told me she got quite a few from Yahoo and also told me there is a facility in gmail to delete the lot in one foul swoop; it seems folks gmail although saying they only keep spam and deleted items for 30 days do not bother to do this; what do I care really it does not count against the large allowance allowed by Google mail. Still their search engine is good. Oh well whinge over going for lunch.


  1. Thanks. Good info.

  2. Thanks for your comment Mary the address to report spam which I obtained after this post is spam@uce.gov