Some interesting facts and a Submarine accident under the Arctic ice

One is a genetically engineered mosquito it has green eyes and if you get bitten by one you will not get Malaria so this report on the BBC claims so look out for this green-eyed insect give it a trial run let it bite you lol. Now it seems that Liverpool UK have unleashed a robot Pigeon on the unwary but it is bird brained it seems and they just flap and squawk at the moment not to worry it will get perfected soon they will talk, just a thought peoples.

I would not fancy this blokes job for quids he has to put endangered Elephants in the mood for sex.

Yeah the poor old Elephant has been going into decline rapidly with other endangered species thanks to Ivory poachers the awful thing is their tusks are wanted mainly by Asians as an aphrodisiac.

Species of wildlife are vanishing around 10,000 times the normal rate according to this bloke a Dr Hildebrandt.

Freak nuclear submarine tragedy

A Royal Navy submarine HMS Tireless had an accident whilst under the Arctic ice so two submariners were killed whilst a third was injured so reports SMH there have been several incidents on submarines over the years even one of ours was in dire straits a few years back but all turned out ok.

The US Navy has had them also; one wonders were we meant to travel under the sea us having legs and that.

The worst one by far in peacetime (are we at peace Hmm) was the Russian Submarine Kursk 118 submariners perished in that sadly although if Russia had allowed foreign vessels to help them earlier maybe it could have been prevented who knows really, that by the way happened in the same sea as this British accident the Barents Sea.

This particular Sub was on manoeuvres with the US Navy who airlifted the survivor to a US Military hospital.

Pictured below is the British Nuclear Submarine HMS Tireless in Scottish waters Loch Goil

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