Lies, Long overdue and a waste of the taxpayer’s money

Much ado about nothing is right

It was hard to believe the rash statements of Marcus Einfeld in his lying to avoid a $77 fine and it could not have been serious surely; the last one I copped in that Dam state of NSW was $195 and that was years ago.

Serve you right if you go to gaol I bet you have sent a few to be incarcerated

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This is in my opinion way long overdue long overdue; I have read accounts of these fellas seen movies about them and so forth they were recruited into a programme called the Army Air Corps, it seems that the president of the day Theodore Roosevelt overruled his top Generals and ordered this.

As I read here and have read elsewhere many years ago they were obviously not patriotic enough and worse still were not considered brainy enough good heavens how terrible, they learnt how to fly, they volunteered what else was expected of them.

At least President Bush has corrected this error somewhat by awarding them the Congressional Medal of Honor, well not really only the unit receives the actual Medal so the recipients will just receive a bronze replica which I think is a bit RICH but at least they are finally being recognised.

Known as the Red Tails they certainly did what they were trained for their opponents could not understand the contempt with which they were treated with at the time.

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I tend to disagree with Private Kovco’s Mother and am wondering why she wants this all brought up again at the taxpayers expense naturally but the nub of her statement in which she said I quote “It says the army should have a better system in place to prevent soldiers carrying loaded weapons into their rooms” It seems obvious ... that better training is needed in the handling of weapons and better controls need to be in place to help prevent soldiers placing themselves at risk," the report says. quote”

A member of any military whether it be Australian or any other mainly western militaries have strict codes; their members are instructed in them, failure to obey these codes or orders renders the offender liable to military justice un quote".

When a soldier is on Active service I do believe it his left up to his discretion somewhat but when in a base camp the weapon returns to the armoury but there are special circumstances when this is not done.

Private Kovco knew this; personally I think the sad accident has been thoroughly investigated by the Australian Defence Forces

You are in my opinion embarrassing our Military now Mrs.Kovco; they have better things to do than re-open what was for them a closed case surely you don’t want to be reminded of it all the time!! Another reason perhaps!! Hmm

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