India Distraught

Rumours of getting rid of India’s word cup cricket team coach really sicken me; not because he is an Australian either Greg Chappell had a great record as an Australian cricketer and captain. No its my opinion that the heavy gamblers on the sub continent are just annoyed because their money looks certain to be lost to the bookmakers, that in my opinion is the nub of it all this coupled with the tragic death of Bob Woolmer the Pakistani Coach strengthens my opinion, in fact I have just

read on here that it was in all likelihood that big money was at stake, it seems Bob was going to write a book about certain things

I am almost certain heavy gambling played a big part in it.

Pictured here Greg Chappell and Bob Woolmer.

These bookies on the sub continent have been around for a long time, indeed threats have been made to certain players, and some of our older retired players have been heavily fined for this sort of behaviour; suspensions have also been meted out. Let’s face it India lost the game and have only a slim chance of moving into the next round, very slim indeed. I always fancied India would win to be honest; my 4 picks were to have been Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and India even though I know as most of the cricketing world knows that Sri Lanka could cart off the trophy they have before they beat us. Now I may have to revise my picks but I would never think of sacking a coach as it has been slyly mooted by various ex Indian cricketers. Sunil Gavascar a former Indian Cricketer mentioned it so I read on the BBC news and their reporting is usually of a very high standard. There have been riots and all sorts believe me this is not just because India appears to be on its way home Not at all it’s because a lot stand to lose a considerable amount of money

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