An odd thing happened yesterday

When I switched on my computers yesterday on one of them I received an offline message; I signed in to Yahoo messenger just to see if a couple of friends were online and found what was to me quite disturbing; below is a screen shot of a little of what was on that message just click on it to make it show larger. The offline message had this website in it called chat detectives so being curious I clicked on it and it took me to this website which I found somewhat disturbing as I said there was more on it than this shot I put on here in fact there are 28 programmes on it, it is not free of course but that is not the point really. Some things are quite obvious to some of us but not all; we don’t all have the talent of being computer literate as a lot of us realise. This below is making me think how the hell can they do that; still I guess if a hacker can get onto a restricted website then they have somehow. One in particular is a programme that reveals ALL your passwords on MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, ICQ lite, Trillian and Miranda, Google talk and Gaim; it did not mention Yahoo which has set me thinking a bit; Yahoo are a cunning lot if you take the time to read their private policy which supposedly you do not have to agree to; I suggest you read it. This programme also picks up false virus alerts; it seems they are scaring us. Whether this programme is in any way associated with Yahoo is not known to me yet but it says not. All the same I don’t think I’ll risk $55.95 yet till I have researched this a little more.

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