Lower than a Daschund

This is how low the Australian Federal Government has sunk in its efforts to retain power against the opposition leader in the house Kevin Rudd. Excusing the pun John Howard as you are mighty short I notice. Read all about it on the link in green. Downer well he just toes the party line I think but that treasurer Costello is another matter entirely I have seen this bloke on television in the house smirking like a little grubby schoolboy who has just farted and thinks it a joke he impresses me not one iota. Well cop this as you have done your dash this time we the great unwashed are in the majority sick of you and your style of Government

I personally have never had a lot of faith in opinion polls but I sure hope this comes to fruition at first I thought Rudd a wannabe but I am reserving my opinion on that fast.

We all know politicians get harassed, make errors but then don’t we all, the thing is this bloke Rudd has never had the chance to get into the thick of things and you Howard and your smarmy offsider are doing their best to smear him already.

We really have had enough of conservatives running the show here now all they have done is make their own bank accounts larger at the expense of pensioners and other disadvantaged folk.

Oh we have been thrown a few goodies to sweeten the blow but sadly in the wrong hands.

Never underestimate the power of the grey army Howard we made you and we can break you simple.

Giving unwed mothers a huge bonus at the taxpayer’s expense is not a good thing.

Your parents did not get government handouts nor did I indeed even you did not; not that you needed them but a lot did.

My own grandchildren received huge amounts and guess what they drank it away; where’s the benefit in that and yet if a pensioner tries to earn a few dollars he or she is penalised by cutting down their allotted rate of pension and I don’t just mean Vet’s pensions either.

You are surely but slowly whittling away our Medicare and bulk billing soon if we are not careful we shall be in much the same position as the average American battler.

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