Iran is next in line from the USA I reckon

So exactly who are these military personnel that Iran has captured I mean in this report I read in the Australian it says sailors then soldiers are they Royal Marines perchance?

Hmm this problem in Iran is really one of oil and not weapons really it means the USA will dip out on revenue is my way of thinking.

I read an interesting document today and it really made interesting reading; I had a shock when I read it knowing it could well be the truth and I am not a financier either just an elderly bloke retired for years now.

In the so called Petro dollar wars I reckon stage one was Iraq then next Iran both of these Middle Eastern countries decided to propose using Euros to purchase oil in stead of the American dollar.

Both countries I fear made a blue there it put the American dollar at risk it being a fiat currency; the heart of the American economy in fact; big business was not happy about this turn of events.

A fiat currency in America’s case is just an IOU; just a promise to settle up it is not based on silver or gold at all as I thought.

Holders of this fiat money are really not assured of their return whereas in Euros they would be.

Of course the American government can churn out millions of these notes maybe that’s why they are called bills in the USA who knows! They are just hoping they don’t have to dip into their pockets, in other words it’s just like that Monopoly money really to the concerned Iranians.

So when Iraq President Saddam Hussein said in 2000 that Iraq would begin selling Iraqi oil using the Euro instead of the American dollar he instantly became a marked man amongst a few other reasons as well, but all connected with the black stuff that gushes out of the ground after being drilled for It is vital to the solvency of U.S. fiat currency that there are many foreign holders of the American dollar in order to keep it afloat or solvent. This is particularly important in the oil markets where trade must be conducted using the USD that the United States set as the standard long ago for oil purchases.

To cut to the chase anyone who attempts to block strategic places such as the straits of Hormuz to the USA could result in more bloodshed what with two new commanders in the region and both of them new one is a US Navy Admiral

There are articles in the bulletin regarding all this by the way.

What has become even more important than national boundaries is the control and domination exercised by global elites such as the USA and its partners in this as it affects economies of people and nations few of us are aware of this I fear. This was done on purpose as well according to an article I read 2 or 3 years ago and never thought anything of it I probably read it in a doctor’s waiting room or such I really can’t recall now but since 2003 I believe Iran has been selling its oil in Euros, Iran not only is a major oil producer but intends to setup a non-dollar denominated oil bourse as well. That is the real reason why Iran is the next U.S. target.

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