The Commemoration of the battle for New Orleans

American early history

An important piece of history for Americans I guess I was amazed to find this on you tube but am sure glad I did now and I hope you enjoy reading and viewing these two video clips.

The second clip was believe it or not banned from being played in the UK by Lonnie Donnigan when the tune was first released in the 50s or early 60’s.

The sheer lunacy of the British troops at that time would amaze you I guess but that’s how things were in those days thank goodness times have changed.

Louisiana was a French crown colony in 1731 in 1762 it was ceded to Spain this was a result stemming back to the French Indian wars, at the same time Britain gained control of Florida.

In 1800 the Spanish gave Louisiana back to the French; amazing how things were just exchanged willi nilli like that then Napoleon sold yes sold it to the fledgling USA in 1803

During the war of 1812 General A Jackson defeated the Brits after a 15 day battle at New Orleans when the treaty of Ghent was signed.

I did read on this link that America tried invading Canada in 1813 do you think Bush read this lol; they were unsuccessful just like their forays into Iraq.

So early Americans were really no better than any of us in this respect except they did have a huge grievance with Britain;

It also seems they wanted all of North America and I suppose it must be irksome to have to drive through Canada to get to Alaska

Here is the first video clip commemorating the route of the British held on January 13th 2007.

This video below is of excellent audio quality the battle for New Orleans and is the same song that was banned in Britain but I think it was permitted in the end.

I quite liked the tune myself quite catchy sadly it's in black and white.

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