Not before time in my opinion

Glad to see the good old US of A having a shot at the Chinese on their human rights even though their own record is not good; And they are actually going to have a go at North Korea about it as well, Burma had slipped out of my head sadly as yes it is crook there as well. They don't care one bit about their citizens in the way we care about ours in the west. I reckon they only spoke out in this article as they are visiting the USA. Our government treats them with kid gloves just the same and I guess with good cause as they are a tad large to be reckoned with. The Chinese are also incorrect about their view of Democracy as they have their own money making Democracy yep it is called Hong Kong and it is ok to be there and be a Billionaire no question; A Chinese one I mean. I think what got up China's nose was the freedom of the internet that did not bode well in Beijing; Also I can't think of a place in America where a massacre of the likes of the Tiananmen square occured; Why did that happen Red China? you have to be ashamed of yourselves surely. And of course the internet and the web showed your Young what the world was really like and that was a shocker to those Red fanatics in power in Beijing. and old men as well; Time to get a better Image China large country or not. I realise that you have so many folk living there that you introduced a one child per family law; but it still seems unfair really as believe it or not lots of men, women and children love kids; decisions Mr Red.

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