Not again surely

US warns of challenge from Iran Washington has warned that Iran's nuclear programme is one of America's biggest challenges, and refused to rule out any option including military. By this remark Mr. Bush I presume you mean the coalition again? I mean I noticed recently 2200 Canadians were sent to Afghanistan with some Romanians; we have a few there as well. By this idiotic remark do you and this Bolton Character at the UN claim to be God almighty the pair of you? How do we know for sure it is not for peaceful purposes as the Iranians claim? You said this about Iraq and look how wrong you were and how you made your own people and your Coalition such fools oh yourself included I might add. I sure hope the next Presidential nominee is not like you; whoever it is may stand down as the worlds self appointed Police Chief but I fear not. On the other hand you could be right and as I see it you are maybe trying to appease the Israeli's,nuclear image courtesy of Wikepedia and Google. Folk are still dying from the last Image BTW. And come to that a better idea would be to ban nuclear weapons from the world you included; and have it very closely monitored by an international body set up for that under the auspices of the UN instead of your government.

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