A helping hand after Larry's fury

HELPING hand. . . Defence personnel unload supplies in Innisfail as the relief effort to help victims of Cyclone Larry stepped up yesterday. Sydney Olympics chief executive Sandy Hollway will join Major-General Peter Cosgrove's team in charge of rebuilding the devastated community. FORMER defence chief General Peter Cosgrove has likened the devastation caused by Cyclone Larry to that of a war zone. General Cosgrove, who will lead a task force heading the reconstruction effort, has toured areas of north Queensland ravaged by Cyclone Larry. He said the destruction was what he had expected based on his experience of Cyclone Tracy in Darwin and the Boxing Day tsunami in Indonesia.General Peter Cosgrove walks to the Court House along Rankin Street after arriving at Innisfail this morning to head the Cyclone Larry rebuilding effort in North Queensland. Picture: Bruce Long.. .I liked The look of him in his uniform of course, he was an excellent General in my opinion; looked after the men and women under him especially when he became Chief of our defence forces; he was a bit of a lad as a Lieutenant in Vietnam I read somewhere or saw it in a magazine; a bit gung ho in those days but he has the ear of honest John so he's in like Flynn as we say here. There's a video clip on the site by the way.

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