Seems folk are finally getting serious in the U.S of A

It appears folk have had enough of their head of state and good on them as most of the world has at some point or another except our resident clown but to give him his due ours is well not honest at times but not a megalomaniac either and he does have his head screwed on. Those jokes me and millions of others have received through e-mail about him are looking more like a fact everyday All bad things must come to an end if not severe censure, impeachment or November will get you in the end; roll on November as I reckon that will be a certainty for sure. I mean the facts speak for themselves no body has to say a word when this guy does something he never thinks; were you not taught as a child to look before you leap? Hardly anyone feels sorry for you and you really have caused as many deaths as some of these other autocratic dictators if one thinks about it When you finally vanish into obscurity I reckon the Sydney council should have a massive pyrotechnic display (they will it's another excuse to party over your demise) from the Sydney Harbour bridge to really outdo the new year one they put on; a suggestion Mr.President go quietly and maybe just maybe you will not get carted off in chains.As the Japanese once said in the movie Tora Tora Tora we have awakened a sleeping giant the American people have been awakened but it was hard to do anything but now a distinct possibility is looming your gone buster. This will be your only reward for hoodwinking the people of your country and your coalition; it's a shame we Aussies are part of it, Blair can fight his own battles but he won't last long either. And your record well words fail me and billions of others I think. I reckon although this cartoon is a joke it has 99.9% reoccuring of the truth thanks to Google for the images and alternet for bringing it to my attention.

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