Australia a racist country?

ALMOST two-thirds of Australians believe there is underlying racism in the country and four in 10 people believe it can be described as a racist nation, according to a NEWS.com.au poll.Four out of every five respondents to the survey, conducted in the wake of recent controversial statements by the Howard Government, believed immigrants should be forced to adopt Australian values when they arrived. Sadly these things do happen and not only here; I have been told it is just Human nature, Hmm. I did do a post on these shameful riots sometime back but looking into it in further detail after reading this press article, I could well have been wrong; At the time I put it down to drunkenness etc but I fear it goes deeper than that; It is my fervent belief that all naturalised Australian citizens (I am one myself) should adapt at once to the Australian way of life give it their best effort as it were. It's in the ceremony when one is naturalised here as well to obey the laws of this land. A lot of the problem of course stems from in the main (but not always) Moslems; they will live together in their own Ghetto style communities, which to a degree is understandable as a lot of our Indigenous people do; not all of course; for years they too were scorned as well but we are at last making a lot of headway with them; indeed a lot of us have publicly apologised for our previous actions; AND they remember are natural born like a lot of us. Still a large number of Moslems are also now natural born and if they listened to their Grand Mufti of Australia and heeded his advice, maybe things would not have got out of hand as it did. Every Man Woman and Child here are entitled to religious freedom so they can still practice their religions; it'’s our laws they fail or do not wish to comprehend, with our way of life as well that I think irks a lot of ordinary Aussies; Its our right to go to the beach, walk around scantily clad, have a few beers or a Barbecue; even Honest John has been photographed having a beer in a Pub with locals; I myself can not see anything wrong with that I just can't find one to show you all.

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