Condoleezza Rice ranting in Sydney again

I have to agree with her statements on her upbringing of course; I myself think it wrong but then here at the time, well when I first lobbed in it was a white Australia policy and even our indigenous people were not even counted in the census every five years; I thought that odd but kept quiet as one did in them days. "My family couldn't go to a restaurant, or stay in a hotel, when I was segregated at school - I didn't have a white classmate until we moved to Denver when I was in 10th grade." now she is the most powerful woman in the world it seems; It was a time of "church bombings, and of white supremacy, and of the Klu Klux Klan", the US Secretary of State told a crowd of 300 students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music yesterday. All the same even this yak with music students was not that peaceful. Guantanamo Bay came up in the lecture which was only to be expected. I can only presume she was sent here by her boss who is still engaged in underhand actions; nothing new there we expect it of him but we are sick of his policies as are a lot of Americans as well. I was kind of inspired to write this after reading come speak to me 2. post about Dr Condoleezza Rice I particularly liked the image of her on it with the POTUS supposedly whispering in her ear; all jokes aside she has had a decent education and her record looks impressive so she did get up out of the deep South and make something of her life; however we can do without other countries opinions just like the USA would not like lectures and rants from other countries allies or not.After all none of us likes being lectured and by a foreigner at that; Is she on a world tour doing this at the expense of the American taxpayer? you bet she is; A typical politician.

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