I am just wondering if you all know the name of the First American President?

I guess what springs to mind is George Washington but You would be wrong, in fact some of his men wanted to make him a King; still you have one now I think and most of you are not amused by him I know we here in the main are not.anyway this here is an image of the First President, in fact George Washington was the eighth President I too was wrong but then I am a foreigner. John Hanson, American Patriot and First President of the United States (1715-1783) Actually he only served for a year as that was the rule then.And his term was really from. Six other presidents were elected after him - Elias Boudinot (1783), Thomas Mifflin (1784), Richard Henry Lee (1785), Nathan Gorman (1786), Arthur St. Clair (1787), and Cyrus Griffin (1788) - all prior to Washington taking office. Why don't we ever hear about the first seven Presidents of the United States? It's quite simple - The Articles of Confederation didn't work well. The individual states had too much power and nothing could be agreed upon. A new doctrine needed to be written - something you now know as the Constitution. oddly according to this he was the third American President; I guess you will have to make your own minds up. I think really that (I'm sorry I cannot tell a lie) George was actually the first President of the United States under the constitution that America follows today. There is something I reckon would make all of them turn in their graves but. And that is the way things are done now in the USA not quite what they envisaged and I don't suppose a lot of you do either. Comments are welcome as I may have made some errors being human even though American history was a subject for me when I was a boy at School.


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