What a slow back thinking Nation well government composed of people yes of course.

Canada bans Aussie ad campaign wake up Canada this is the Twenty first century don't you know NO sooner than British censors cleared Australia's colourful tourism campaign, Canadian officials have banned it, but not because of the word "bloody". The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has refused to run the "Where The Bloody Hell Are You" ad during family television programming because of the word "hell", Toronto's Globe and Mail newspaper reported today. Sounds like Canada is hell lol glad I don’t live there cold hole that it is and that new government they have oh boy.


  1. Hey Mick
    Just wanted to check out your blog...nice.
    Cheers from Los Angeles!

  2. Very much appreciated Joe and cheers from Nambour Queensland north of Brisbane.
    My Sister is just back from LA enjoyed it she said but said it was cold about 16 degrees too cold for me; at least we enjoy a hot climate and it's tropical a few hours drive north from me I often go.
    still trying to work this picasa upload for my profile but I'll get there.