An open letter to Anthony Blair MP, PM

Has it ever occurred to you Mr. Blair that there is no comparison for asking Australia to help you in WW11 and the situation in Iraq, none what so ever you would do well to ponder those words; “not quite the same thing old boy” how magnificent my butt go win it on your own with your Buddy over in the States; they are heartily sick of it too him as well. At least we get the chance to oust our bloke this year I believe but your turn is coming; personally you will be ousted no risk ours maybe not. Don’t believe little honest John either he is as bad as you but I think he has a slightly different agenda than yours. And don’t come the raw prawn with us about an earlier time you spent here or that cheap shot about friends, of course friends don’t always see eye to eye but this digger summed you up quite well. I reckon you have enough to deal with in the UK without sticking your oar into our business stay out of it and go settle your worries in the old Dart not hither and yon. We are not in the British Empire now it crumbled years ago while you were a lot younger but now you are in power you have been to busy telling the UN and the rest of the world about the WMD and to think that the British and American government sold Iraq terrible weapons but you couldn't find them could you? Where are you peddling your bull dust next?

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