Magic Myth or What?

Ancient Egyptian Mythology Seems these guys were heavily into all this stuff; whether you believe it is another matter I myself am dubious but then I did not live in that era. Then there is the famous Indian rope trick now this one I have seen and can only put it down to mass hypnotism The Trick An early account from India in the 14th century, tells of a magician using a coil of rope with a large wooden ball tied to one end. The magician tossed the wooden ball high into the air. Instead of returning to the ground, it rose higher and higher until the rope disappeared into the clouds. A small boy (the magician's assistant) jumped to the rope and began climbing hand over hand until he too disappeared into the clouds. After a few minutes the magician called the boy - no reply. Impatiently, the magician grabbed his razor-edged sword and began climbing skyward. Moments later the crowd began hearing screams of pain and a small object fell to the ground. The crowd retreated in horror when they realized the object was the hand of a small boy. Moments later another hand fell, then a head, then a torso. Suddenly the magician reappeared, assembled the bloody body parts into the crude shape of a human, and gave the form a sharp kick. The boy, now miraculously restored, jumped to his feet with glee. The trick continued to astound onlookers well into the early 1930's. Many of the world's greatest magicians traveled to India in hopes of tracing the origin of the effect but to no avail. For a time it seemed that the trick was destined to remain eternally out of reach; But then it seems a solution was found it was as I thought BUT In 1955, a Indian Guru named Sadju Vadramakrishna came forward and announced he had performed the trick himself; It seems he used thin wire in a large field but he failed to explain it properly. Although Vadramakrishna's vague explanation served to satisfy most casual listeners, others had their doubts. What he failed to explain and what thousands of eyewitnesses reported, was how the trick was performed from the 14th century onward in broad daylight. Still when I saw it performed in India with a huge mob of people it looked good oh well another Myth down the gurgler. We get this sort of thing in my area of the world A close friend and neighbour Papua New Guinea. It’s an ancient belief making a sinister comeback. Curse and superstition have always been part of life in Papua New Guinea - now those beliefs are being used more and more to justify violence and payback.and of course the Shamans are revered not so much by the young there now as they have been introduced to our Western ways sadly at times; all they really are are local tribe Doctors; they occur in lots of societies as depicted by this Indigneous American Shaman or Medicine man. Shaman are just like your local Doctor they demand payment today it is usually cash but not always gifts, offerings etc; yeah that one needs some pondering I mean the guy might want your wife dicey I'll stick to my Doctor I think lol. African magic yeah an odd one that but.conjures up words like Obeeyan or Voodoo but it seems there is a great difference I knew that lol. Seriously they are in the Southern USA and Haiti I believe. Haiti's government officially sanctioned voodoo as a religion but that was in 2003 it always conjures up visions of pins and dolls to me; not that kind no lol. Most images courtesy Google

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