So who is right

Are they actually coming home or is it just more bull dust to our eyes. So wake up to yourself Nelson you can't both be right can you? you are not a very good Defence minister in my opinion. You should never have poked your nose into politics you should have stayed the Medical Doctor you were, still are as a matter of fact oh I see Politics more lucrative than Medicine Hmm. Anyway my faith is in the Air chief Marshall not you; Strange thing politics anyone can be a politician on a mere vote but not a Defence Chief or some Doctor who rose to fame in South Australia; Go back and do the job you trained for why bust a gut sticking your oar into politics; apart from your's and maybe Government money helping you become a Doctor that means us the tax payer by the way; your career seemed rosy enough; still sheer greed I guess is your real motive. You will find all we want is an assurance our military overseas is coming home so why not have a word with your boss good old honest John Just let him tell us they are coming home

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