A Hodge podge of this and that

Hacking now that'’s a fearsome word enough to make a bloke quake and you too as well I reckon. As we all know it is getting worse and in the main the young, boredom well it could be, all the same I was amazed at reading mere schoolchildren were into this highly illegal art perhaps they could devote it to getting rid of several government folk in say the White house; nah no such luck sadly. All images courtesy of Google BTW excepting the dog who is owned by my daughter. Radiation yeah well another crook thing as well; somebody told me a few days ago they could smell it and it was doing things to them, I never really believed it until I did some researching so I have to apologise to them for that I guess, but it seems it does do all of this and worse Now I see that dogs yep plumb ordinary dogs can smell on a person whether they have cancer or not, there is a drawback to this as you don'’t know what they were sniffing previously guess I'll take my chances and get a cat no dog scan. Bungee jumping yeah that is a definite no no for this bloke; my daughter has done it she said, the strange thing is I'’m the only one who knows about this fearsome episode in her life; but it is sure not for me although I am getting a parachute drop on my birthday, but I want to, ah takes all sorts but I fancy that somewhat, a tandem one naturally. I was looking forward to a trip to the USA to see some e-mail friends and then on to the UK to see my kin there before heading home, sadly it's all a dream funds for that have now gone still I am sweating on a lotto win what a joke; mere pipe dreams still nobody can tell I guess, it actually could happen!

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