The Aussie wheat scandal more dirt

Diplomat destroys bribe defence It always comes out in the end and I reckon heads should roll over this. It just boils down to the fact that our government is dirty and very dishonest; I know the opposition isn’t worth a cracker either but what choice do we have? None at all at least we can break the government’s majority in the senate. At least we may be able to vote in an independent to hold the balance of power old honest John hates that me I just love to see the bastard squirm. I love watching him being interviewed on the 7.30 report, the lies and evasion are sight to see believe me Our Australian federal government are all for lining their pockets more so than the crappy opposition we have,But that can and will change if they get in just look at these back biting clowns; never turn your back on them ever. The Howard government believes, in common with George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler: - that power and wealth are sufficient for greatness, - that war can be good, - that governments can limit freedom of speech and the press when they choose, - that people can be locked up indefinitely without trial if that is convenient, - that the only value of the environment is that wealth can be got from it. All three were/are willing to damage the world for the short term 'good' of their nations. More like their own bank accounts as well I reckon. If they eventually change our flag will it look like this? lol; many of our Men died under our proper flag why should we change? I realise this is in jest but they really are trying to change it. All the same I myself wish us to remain allies with the USA; The folk there are getting a raw deal I reckon like we are here.

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