Can China Sustain The Arms Race?

In my opinion the world does not need more weapons here we are on the Pacific rim allied with the USA on the so called hunt for weapons of mass destruction; Which were never found by the way. We went to a terrible war over this and red faced allied officials said none were found; the loss of human life which is still going on was and still is horrific; but have our esteemed leaders rapped North Korea or China over this? of course they haven't they are frightened of both countries. and now look at the number of Chinese who have withdrawn from their Communist party it makes one think. As of 5:02 AM EST, 8,604,683 people have submitted statements withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party or its affiliated organizations (for the text in Chinese of all of the statements, please visit the Tuidang website). Those who are current members of the CCP or its affiliated organizations are with these statements resigning their membership; former members use these statements to sever all association with these organizations. All are renouncing the CCP totally.Oh don't bother with Tuidang website unless You can read Mandarin. . Those figures are of course a mere drop in the Ocean to such a huge country but it's a start I reckon; Their police are brutal and the way they humiliate their people is disgusting; It was far worse in the days of the bloke with the red book Mao; He put government ministers working in pig styes and the like but it did not work. Mao Zedong didn't set out to be the world's most lethal dictator. It was never his goal to kill more than 80 million of his own people. But then, sometimes things just happen. And anyway, somebody's gotta be the world's deadliest political leader. I don't think ours will ever reach that stage but look over your shoulder now and again.

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