Big brother is watching you

Can this be true you bet it is. Spying yes for many of us older folk it conjures up visions of the war, the cold war, dead drops or letter boxes in British parlance and micro dots; The US also spies on it's allies as this ex CIA agent says; His reason is much different and I think it does look as though it is a very reasonable explanation but even so the whole thing abhors me, I realise it is six years old but all the same no smoke without fire. and another explanation heavens the list is endless; it sounds like the Soviet era; here is another snippet regarding the University of Texas law School, now Texas rings a bell even to me an outsider and to you good folk in America as well I reckon! Nowadays its more the industrial espionage that is all the go; but don’t sigh with relief just yet as allies spy on one another all the time; I thought yes the USA is at it again but no not only them in fact Australia has a huge programme of spying in collaboration with America; but that’s not all worse is to come from my research; Every call and I mean every call made by a US citizen or a Brit Citizen, and the rest of us I should reckon is as well; it is harder with digital technology but it can be done and is I assure you is monitored by the US National Security Agency and the British Government Communications Headquarters eavesdrop on the whole world. The NSA is forbidden from listening in on Americans without a warrant, but the US government circumvents this problem by formally allowing the GCHQ to spy on Americans. The NSA listens in on British calls, and then the two just swap the information; so GCHC spies on American cell users and other phones I believe and the NSA at Fort Meade spy on the Brits not a gentlemanly act at all. This is worth a looksee or squizz as I call it I do hope you are paying attention now as there’s worse to come. Did you know your details can be recorded from your printer on your computer? not just your trustworthy (bad choice of words) printer from other places like this for example your Zip files you download is one and the main offenders according to this report at hand are AOL, netscape, realnet network in fact there was a court action according to this guy and really it is advisable to read all of that last link; you will be amazed at what is on it; I was even though I knew of spy cookies and the like, well most of us do that use the net.


  1. I'm a little paranoid when it comes to email, but found it really hard to encrypt email. I just a need a "Good enough" solution, not the hassle of PGP: I'm not a terrorist or a spy. As a small businessman, I just wanted a cheap, quick and easy solution. I had tried a bunch, but I just bought the new MessageLock application. It's a symetric key product, no "special reader" is required by the receiver. I just type in a password and go. Authentication isn't that important to me, but then again, for my use if an email comes in encrypted, thats good enough for me. The url for a MessageLock trial is http://www.encryptomatic.com. I think messagelock.com also works.
    Keep it up,

  2. Thanks For the Comment Scott and also more importantly the advice; I too am really wild at the way some treat my E-mail; I can see your point as a business man naturally; Ordinary friends will not be secure enough to even think of using the BCC in a mail or cutting addresses when forwarding.
    Thanks for the sites I will attend to that at once