Around the traps

Miners 'unlikely to be out today IT is "unlikely" two trapped Tasmanian miners will be freed today, Beaconsfield Mine Manager Matthew Gill said today. It seems there is a good foot and a half (for folk on the old system); boy I sure hope it all comes good for them and spare a thought for the rescuers as well, it could be unpaid for all I know as I do know miners chip in to help mates in this deadly situation so I hope all goes well. A long time now for those poor souls who thankfully are still alive. The whacky weed. Seems there are almost 300.000 smokers of the stuff in our sparsely populated country. Well I do admit to having smoked it but it never really did anything for me and it seems it is bad for you OR is it because the Government would like you to buy their heavily taxed smokes/tobacco? Something to ponder there but. Man assaults two young girls Two words to describe this joker folks well three then; a filthy bastard if and when he is arrested and charged, and found guilty of course; no smoke without fire is my view. May Day march attracts 1000 May Day traditionally celebrates the eight-hour working day, but many workers were angry today about the federal government's industrial relations (IR) reforms. Red meat 'can lower blood pressure' REPLACING two or three slices of bread or a handful of pasta a day with a small serving of lean red meat may help people lower their blood pressure, Australian research suggests; I always thought you needed veggies and green ones at that also starch of some kind hence potatoes, pasta rice; but if this works well I’m not going to knock it. And researchers at the University of Minnesota’s School of public health have also found evidence that avoiding grilled, fried or Barbequed meat or fish that is very well done may help reduce the risk of Pancreatic Cancer; well that lets me off the hook as I never burn a BBQ although I did at one time; I have to admit I do love Australian Fried fish but. Oh well you can’t have it all ways.

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