Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

For all these so called agreements with this document which it seems has been signed in Washington DC regarding one ALLEGED mark you prisoner, he has not yet been tried why so long 4 years maybe more I believe? Bloody disgrace by both sides and both democracies at that; one wonders what we are coming to as a nation with idiots like you lot running the place. Downer and Ruddock why don’t you just come clean over all this dilly dally or pussy footing around, the pair of you lie like poison. This man one David Hicks may well turn out to be not guilty and here’s the pair of you signing agreements Willy nilly; a done deal is it? Course it is; damm politicians. You and honest John are all from the same mould AND sucking up to what is turning out to be the biggest idiot to run America. There are times when I run out of words to describe you lot. I just love the way Kerry O’Brien on the 7.30 report makes you squirm, it makes my day. And Ruddock well his own daughter is estranged from him or was over the ruthless way he ran the detention camps for refugees; his successor is not much better either even if she is a female she has still got that ruthless attitude. Can’t any of your party see this? Do you realise that under international law these detainees that have been in Guantanamo is illegal and not only that they have been deprived of certain rights the main one being liberty, and abused to boot. The government of the United States should let these folk go as of now and you two smart Alecs with your boss should do the same. Honest John well he would dismiss the Guantanamo rap just like he dismisses us and our senior citizens as far as I’m concerned the whole lot of them need to be dismissed from parliament right this minute, Here’s this bloke trying anything to get out of the rat hole that should be closed down at once by the US Administration and deals are struck already and Goldsmith has a valid point IMO. God have mercy on your souls. Cartoon by Ray Higgs of Fern Tree Gully in Victoria Australia Other images courtesy of Clusty

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