Was ancient man just a myth?

Could he perhaps have flown even? What do you think regarding God. I think myself it is possible he flew in a heavier than air machine of some sort, the image shown was discovered in ancient Egypt which was not so old at all really,all of these sites I found very interesting especially the flying machines of ancient India; billions won’t or don’t care but there is certainly some debate about the bones recovered of ancient man. It seems they were found in spots where bones would have rotted etc; indeed the famed Piltdown man was proven to be a fake. It seems there are more of these discoveries such as Malachite Man, and bones from Pennsylvania, Illinois and a skull discovered in California But why are they so hard to find do you really believe that we were advanced eons ago as we are now? I think not well I don’t but folk do as shown on this post, strange huh. Here are some facts that I personally do not believe but then again who really knows for sure. Your ancestors were not apes. They were always humans, although they were smarter and larger than you are now. This is the evidence we find in scientific records. Evolutionary theory is a myth. God created everything; the evidence clearly points to it. Nothing else can explain the mountain of evidence. The Intelligence of Ancient Man - Our ancestors were more intelligent than we are today The Languages of Ancient Man - Ancient languages were originated by races more intelligent than we are today The Place of Origin of Ancient Man - According to the evidence, where did our ancestors first live? The Crops and Domestic Animals of Ancient Man -The location of the first ones also helps pinpoint where we find the first evidences of our ancestors. Well after reading some of our history I cannot believe that for one moment myself. Just look at this. Cro-magnon man and then of course there were Neanderthals other Homids including Homo Sapiens so where does creation come into all of this what are the folk on this site expecting that we rush to the belief of somebody else, such rot but it is their opinion however and I will respect that BUT I would like to know why they do? is it because the more people they can convert the more cash flow they will generate personally I think creation a myth but that is my right, and will stand by it. If as that creation site suggested we were always so highly intelligent why did it take us so long to catch up with these so said highly intelligent folk in the Middle East.

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