Mankind messing up AGAIN and other thingies

It appears that mankind has boobed again but is now trying to make up for it as shown in this report; well at least we are trying to make amends and it seems this ancient Fort rivalled Stonehenge; I recall seeing a documentary years ago and an American professor or whatever had this theory about Stonehenge; he reckoned it was an ancient computing device mainly for studying the heavens and I think he had a point myself. But it appears that quite a few ancient ruins existed in the new world as well; sadly modern man built over them. Now it seems that wild horses so it is thought were wiped out by early Americans; indigenous Americans at that personally I don’t believe it and even the fossil record is unclear; which makes me wonder where does all the funding come from to do this research on wild horses; what about more research on killer diseases that makes sense to me even though I quite like horses. And how could they be wiped out when we still have them odd huh. So you are thirsty are you well never fear science will save us as it seems we have around 140 lakes under the Antarctic maybe that is why they are trying like crazy to develop it with out much success as yet and I hope it stays that way; still I am a greenie of sorts but not active. One of them even has a Russian name which has me thinking, It seems that hidden lakes in the region are found under the icecap in quite a few places.

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