Citizens of the USA Your Government knew and approved

It appears that there are documents now discovered that found that you Bush and your company knew and I might add approved of this outrage, ok so you decided to go to war well the least you could have done was treated the prisoners taken as POW”S even if yours and mine BTW were not treated the same as them; You sir ought to be downright ashamed at the mongrel you have turned out to be; ok so you were talked into it by your so called advisers; so fire them and hire more; Your record as a President of the United States is a disgrace as we would say in my country a bloody disgrace; your predecessors must be turning in their graves; and you a strutting worlds commissioner of Police; you are a joke can you not understand that by now? No of course not whilst you have evil doers like Condi and your gun toting deputy; Just resign and let the American people Have a war free better life; you are not well loved in Australia I can tell you; I loathe you more than my head of state and he is a liar but then what politician is not? But you were not elected to do these terrible deeds and there is doubt if you even were elected in a fair and democratic manner; I believe the first time it was decided by a court decision what a sick joke; you are acting like the New York yacht Club defending the Americas cup which we won off you anyway finally, fair and square I might add despite Dennis Connors Protests.

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