A brief look at China and the Victorian Colonial Military

This is a country with at least five thousand years of civilisation behind it and it went through several Dynasties until 1949 when the communists finally took control after fierce fighting for thirty eight years. The war against them from Japan slowed their efforts naturally. They are still in control now but are much more liberal than they once were. China under the Emperors was actually a harsh place to live; feudal exploitation and private armies reigned. I would not have thought the days in 1949 were that soft but I guess they were prior to that; to put it this way I'm sure glad I never lived there then or now come to that; I like my own personnel freedom. I have to admit that it is fast casting off it's communist shackles regarding the international community and becoming more like a western democracy but I fear I shall never see that in my lifetime but who knows? -------------------------------------------- Defending Colonial Victoria Was something I had never heard of before and I found it amazing at all the info I read. In fact I wish I could have gleaned this info prior to my post on our Indigenous people. The three forgotten heroes. Three aboriginal soldiers were killed on the same day August 9 1918 in Northern France two of them had distinguished themselves earlier and were both awarded the Military Medal a very high honour; so I am learning here and our PM would not apologise. Then of course we had native police and trackers all in all a vivid history I shall do a follow up to this for sure. ---***---***---***---***---***---**--- Comments welcome, images by Australian War Museum and Google

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