One of those things

This mistake whilst causing more grief for this family was just a human error and if one is honest we all make errors. I certainly feel for the family but it is time all this yahooing about it is to excuse the pun buried once and for all; what about the grief of the family of the body that was in the coffin? I suppose they have no grief! What a lot of bloody idiots we all are, whom does the press think should be investigating that matter? Enough said on those jokers. As the Air Chief Marshall said he has taken full responsibility and he no doubt will get to the bottom of it while our government should get on with the job they were elected to do IE run this country instead of this error which was blown up I reckon by the fourth estate as usual not forgetting of course Derryn Hinch a Kiwi who is one of the world's biggest stirrers even went to gaol once for his actions according to this report but I recall the incident well, if you read it he was fired from a newspaper in New Zealand and since then has been apart from his gaoling fired many times in this country, he had a talk back radio show at one time and was one of the rudest people I have heard apart from John laws. The whole world knows now what incompetent idiots we are thanks in some part to the fourth estate. Brigadier Cosson will get the blame which he will pass on down. We should not be in Afghanistan anyway to my way of thinking not now. We should all pull out to avoid further embarrassments; the Soviets could not fix the place and neither will the west either. The job is done they have a government of their own so let them govern is MO.

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