What a strange fantasy it’s repulsive

Seems he fantasised about this macabre incident and conned a guy on the net, whatever next I wonder. I know that the natives of Borneo did this but it was outlawed as they were also head hunters but if it goes on there now nothing is heard of it. The taking of heads was a ritual of certain tribes and I guess they ate their poor victims afterwards but this guy is a civilised European and computer expert. The mind boggles at this in this day and age He actually get this he actually flambéed the victim’s penis and supposedly served it up and both him and his victim ate it; how revolting can one get. It seems I was wrong about head hunters after all and cannibals as well and Moslems a lot of them well well what one finds on ths world wide web is incredible I think, I did serve with Dyaks in Malaya (now Malaysia) they were our scouts and tracked for us heavily covered in tattoos the one at the neck portrayed he had killed a man but nothing was said about the taking of heads; they are the ones shown in the last link on here, or eating them ah well I still think the German a revolting man. My fantasies are nothing like that just a roof over my head and food and my computer naturally.

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