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While the HAMAS led Palestinian authority continues to rant and rave about Israel; and whilst this indeed sounds harsh treatment for ordinary Palestinian citizens, all that bearded bloke that runs HAMAS just has to recognise Israel and all will be well; he won’t of course being no doubt just as pig headed as The President of the USA. The Europeans seem to have come up with a saner solution I read, but I don’t think it will work in the long run; hopefully it may. Don’t be put off people of the western world by images of beggars however as begging is a full time occupation in a lot of Asian countries, so there is no reason to think that in the Middle East they would not use that trick as believe me they would. These are the warnings given out by the World bank BTW which should not be taken lightly. Iran Letter to Bush Criticizes U.S.A I see that Ahmadinejad has written to G.W it appears it is the first formal communication between the two countries for some 27 years; and I note that Condi stuck her oar in again; yet it seems hardly anything was mentioned of nuclear programmes at all; most odd as I thought that was what the fuss with Iran and the worlds top Cop was all about. I reckon this has come up over the ill-fated rescue attempt in Tehran and the coupe there a long time ago African babies 'dying at birth. I had a bit of a shock to learn this in this day and age although it was a familiar sight when I was a young man. Seems that many of these lives could be saved by cheap and simple techniques and is at its worst in Africa sadly. Still I read somewhere it was pretty crook in India as well. Rescued miners in 'good health. I see our two blokes were finally rescued from that horror underground; one of them even attended his mate’s funeral. Full marks to the rescue team. After the horror of that maniac that killed about 30 people for absolutely no reason and is still incarcerated in gaol, this saving of life there was a blessing.

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