Bush's migration shock troops rattle Mexico

THE US President, George Bush, tried to ease the worries of his Mexican counterpart as he prepared for a nationally televised address unveiling a plan to send thousands of National Guard troops to help seal his country's southern border against illegal immigrants. Keep an eye out on him Mr. Fox every word from him is a lie I’m afraid his name is not George Washington but George Bush we are talking of here. In a way I can see that not just him but a huge majority of Americans would favour keeping your countrymen out of their country, still your record is not so crash hot is it? Why do they flee in droves from your country huh? Something is wrong I reckon. Zedillo it seems did far much better than you. The whole point of this really is that Bush is actually trying to alleviate the problem of illegal Mexicans into the USA WELL trying to show his good intent but he has none as most of us know also he is facing an election in 2008 are you? Thank goodness I live on an Island where our illegals are stopped not that I like our methods at detaining them as I don’t, in fact I deplore the methods we use but why is ok for you to kick up a fuss as these measures will only be employed in the United States not in Mexico.

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