Hinch defends secret report broadcast

Has it ever occurred to you Hinch the harm you have done by your pigheadedness no of course not? As I said in my previous post an error is an error plain and true. You are the rudest person I have ever heard; just clear off back over the Tasman to New Plymouth New Zealand. I bet you won’t name your source will you I hope you get called once more to the bar in the parliament for this outrage. I do believe the last time you were gaoled you disclosed the name of a child molester a thing which abhors me but in doing so broke the law. Do you consider yourself above the law? As you are not. It seems you appeared on the today tonight show only two months ago to answer charges of sexual assault against a former business partner; Hmm and you are bothering a defence force chief about an error come off it sport. The following is from Wiki. Hinch and the fifteen-year old girl Hinch writes in "The Fall and Rise of Derryn Hinch" that as an adult he had sex with a fifteen-year old girl. He says: "I met her at a party at Molly Meldrum's house about three o'clock in the morning. I had seen her in lingerie ads in magazines like the Women's Weekly. She was exotic. European. And I thought she was about 25. Obviously this was a long time ago. We went out together days later. We ended up in bed. The next night we went to dinner again and, frankly, I thought her lack of knowledge – and struggling current affairs conversation - was because English was obviously her second language. There have been no reports to date of the Victoria Police taking any action to investigate this matter. Why are the Victorian Police not investigating this shady affair? Ok Millions of guys’ world wide have done this and usually it can be explained away as “quote well she looked old enough unquote”. You matey are too busy weeding out other folk’s mistakes to bother with your own; I sincerely hope it is a costly error of judgment on your part even though you said I thought she was 25 which she no doubt did but did that stop your crusade on others of course not. Is Derryn a dead man talking? . But this week we've discovered that what Hinch really values above all else is his good name. As he fights sexual assault allegations, we've heard that he will fight to his last breath to defend his reputation. But Hinch seems to have conveniently forgotten that he hasn't always given others the same opportunity to stand up for their selves. And more disturbingly, in some cases, Hinch's targets have been people who can't defend their good names, because they are dead. All images courtesy of Google images

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