A few Lunatics and Maniacs of our ERA

I have to say without a doubt that President G.W.Bush should be the world’s number one idiot close on his heels comes Vice President gun toting Dick Cheney; the stupid and insane things they are both doing to the people of America is a fact plus the other two depicted here naturally. There are other loonies around so never think for one moment you are safe from these clowns. We had one here a Prime Minister who got fired in 1975 name of Gough Whitlam; his idiotic efforts caused a double dissolution in our parliament especially when our senate refused to pass the supply bill or budget bill. It seems it still irks him to this very day and he is around ninety years of age very soon or eighty nine; the Governor General of the day Sir John Kerr whom Whitlam nominated to the Queen was of the same political party. Of course whitlam seemed to go off half cocked at anything that happened; he made outrageous statements even called the then Premier of Queensland (JOH) a bible bashing bastard in the Federal Parliament; as a matter of fact it amused my Father no end and our discussions at times continued into the small hours over Whitlam. Of course one springs to my mind at once Adolph Hitler now he was a real Loonie had delusions of grandeur as most of us know. along with a few others of his Nationalist Socialist Party; had the temerity to call it the third Reich; of course he was not only a raving maniac but also tried genocide on another race, not a nice fella at all. Now this joker Menangle in my opinion was as well as being a lunatic a medical doctor who disgraced the medical profession not all will agree with that but it’s my view; in fact a monster is what I would call him;just imagine being operated on in the most private parts of the body without anasthesia and that will give you an idea of what he was like. Eichmann another maniac; I liked the way the Jews found him and put him on trial. Annoyed a certain South American country the way they captured him but like the Mounties they got their man one of them at least. He doesn't look like one does he but he was an evil person. Hess yes he was a strange one as well I know he supposedly flew to the UK (Scotland) in the second world war and was imprisoned until his death but the then Soviets refused his release. Osama Bin Laden is another maniac and what has he done well he has assaulted the heart of American democracy; and it seems he is doing his best to make other western countries suffer I wonder at times what he actually gets out of all this. A son of a Saudi billionaire at that; I have never opposed his thoughts as regards Islam and have no intention of doing so. So why he does these terror attacks is beyond me. However after reading this site I am wondering a little but nah; he still has homicidal tendencies I think. Well this bloke was not an idiot or a maniac but he did have a lot of control and hated the thought he would be defeated so I thought I would slip him in here. He took BRIBES and was CORRUPT and it was proven in a court of law he was guilty but he was still allowed to keep his precious knighthood the knighthood of KCMG in our idiom we say it as kindly call me God actually it means Knight commander St Michael and St George. The Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (1818) usually awarded to overseas countries of the British Commonwealth; now we have our own orders of course. Joh held Queensland in a grip for nearly twenty years with his wife Flo being made a senator which caused a ruckus but died down eventually. Still the voters voted him in and all in all he did a good job even though the rest of Australia thought he was an idiot. There are many more but this is just my selection. Images courtesy of Google/Clusty

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