Australia’s time bomb

In 2003 Australian health both federal and state ministers meeting in Sydney, acknowledged that the nation is facing an epidemic of obesity and agreed that joint national action must be taken to increase healthy eating and physical activity amongst children, young people and their families. Ministers agreed that reducing obesity levels will take some time but further action needed to start now to build on work already commenced in several states. They agreed that families, schools, child care centres, general practitioners, food manufacturers, retailers, sporting groups, urban planners, the media, community health centres, workplaces and many other groups all have a role to play and should be the focus of sustained programs to reduce overweight and obesity and the harm it causes. But it appears the problem is worsening. AUSTRALIA is sitting on a time bomb of disease and early death, according to the first national survey to examine how quickly diabetes and other health threats linked to obesity and poor lifestyle are taking hold. New figures reveal 100,000 people each year develop diabetes, which in turn doubles their chance of dying during the next five years, according to the study of more than 6000 men and women, to be released today by federal Health Minister Tony Abbott. Mind you a lot of these big bellies on men are not just lack of exercise and sensible eating; I reckon grog plays a large part in it. Just MO. Guess I will have to give away Macdonald’s and Pizzas after all still I guess the odd one won’t hurt.

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