Well what do you know? just have a squizz at this but.

I see Americans have just forked out $6.1 Million for Bushes’ new limo and mine was a lousy A$ 12.999 still mine is cheaper to run than his plus all the hangers on he has which he does need I grant you; And it is a beaut looking Machine don't you reckon? Now this guy had the right idea and had no heating bills for a quarter of a century pretty good huh. I know the installation may have been expensive but he got a grant to help from the DOE; So life can be good I guess for some; But not for the great unwashed sadly. It seems that the Amazon rain forest only grows when it’s dry and has had no rain how odd but then we live in an odd world. It seems dry spells there bring on spurts of growth. Also it appears we are responsible for the sixth major extinction event in the earth’s history; And these are the five prior to that. Strip poker world title discussed In Ireland would you believe yes well I do as anything is possible in the Emerald Isle. Possibly to be held in August or September let us pray it is held indoors as rain is notorious in all of Ireland, all the same it is a beautiful looking country it seems. And just to make youse all think. Will they take us over? Well a robot is a mechanical device as is a computer; I guess robots are programmed by a computer. The thing to ponder well I have lately is will they ever take us over altogether; some folk may wonder after reading Sci Fi books in abundance I confess I too read a lot of Sci Fi myself. This of course is referred to as artificial intelligence commonly called an Android. One wonders at times if this will happen but it is a thought I guess;Then there are search engine Robots commonly known as Bots who go hither and yon through cyber space seeking out web sites in fact anything really. Images courtesy of Clusty

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